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Like fashion haircut styles come and go. However, newly discovered hair styling products help make a lot of hair styles look sleek and manageable.

Another advantage is using these products in convenience of your own home - where you have your privacy. The power supply for these systems are usually on electricity or cordless rechargeable battery.

A hot fashion trend among an increasing number of women has been the straight, natural look, which has pumped the sales of electrical hair straighteners particularly the new ceramic ones.

Most beauty parlors, malls and tele-shopping networks offer a good bargain with some freebees included, often with a money back guarantee.


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Conair Gold LINEZ Deluxe Ethnic Grooming Kit

All hair is not the same, and neither are all haircutting tools. This deluxe ethnic grooming kit is designed for those with thicker, coarser hair. Specially designed blade coated with titanium allows the ethnic user to get a clean even cut for the head and face. A high powered DC motor in the clipper produces 50% more cutting power than a magnetic motor.

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ConairPro Plimatic Pivot Motor Clipper

With powerful yet quiet pivot motor, high carbon steel blade and adjustable taper lever, this clipper lets you get professional cutting results easily.

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Wahl Swivel Cord/Cordless Trimmer

This cord/cordless trimmer features super-versatile rotating head for ultimate comfort and multiple trimming angles.

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FORFEX Mini Professional Trimmer

The professional mini trimmer's compact size offers maximum versatility. Features a quiet, smooth-running rotary motor.

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Oster Classic 76 Clipper

The most popular professional clipper with powerful universal motor and detachable blade system.

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WAHL Peanut Hair Clipper/Trimmer

A palm-size clipper/trimmer with professional power that features small and lightweight - only 4 inch long, weighing at 4 ounce.

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Andis Cool Care Plus For Clipper Blades

Coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, and rust preventative 5-in-1 spray that reduces friction, smoothes clipping action, and prolongs the effective life of the blade.

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Wahl Sterling Bullet Professional Clipper/Trimmer Kit

The Wahl Sterling Bullet professional clipper/trimmer features all of the power of a full-size clipper in a 4 oz. package.

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Andis 22 Piece Home Haircutting Kit

Andis makes it easy to give great haircuts at home with the 22 piece home haircutting kit.

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Conair Kid Klip 10 Piece Haircutting Kit

When it's time to cut your young childs hair nothing works better than Conair's Kid Klip haircutting kit. A ultra quiet motor helps keep your child calm during the haircut.

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Master Barber Sociate Comb List Price:| Detail
Sunbeam Home Haircutting Kit

Creating professional-looking hair styles at home is simple with sunbeam's powerful clippers. Sunbeam uses the highest quality blades for the most comfortable cut.

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Wahl Premium Home Haircut Kit

Multi-cut clipper set with video, 4 attachments,scissors & storage pouch.

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Wahl HomePro Cordless Touch-Up Clipper/Trimmer

It durable ground to stay sharp longer and to trim closer.

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Wahl HomePro 14 Piece Home Haircutting Kit

Two adjustable guide combs provide 14 cutting lengths with the added convenience of fewer attachments. Perm-Alig blades are permanently aligned and never need adjusting. Thumb-adjustable slide switch allows easy positioning of adjustable guide combs.

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Wahl Premium Haircut Kit

Dependable clipper with everything you need for professional-quality haircuts, trims and touch-ups.

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