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African American Hair Growing Tips

Hair is the beauty of all young girls and women. They all wish to have long, healthy, and thick hair but many a times due to the climatic conditions of a place, the hair growth becomes very slow. The African American women have started opting for natural hair growth procedures. Here, are a few hair growth tips which will help them grow thick and long hair:

  • Oiling-: apply natural oil on the hair, especially during the night and a few hours before washing the hair. The oil should contain natural contents like almonds, vitamin E, coconut, etc. Oil reaches the scalp and enhances the activity of the brain cells. The cells help to grow strong and long hairs.
  • Bound the hair-: it is good to braid or twist the hair by applying a hair band while sleeping or going out. This will protect the hair in two ways. The first way is that while asleep, the hair will not get damaged or disturbed much. Moreover, they will be less prone to breakage when tied together. The second advantage is that while going out, the hair will be completely manageable and their breakage will be reduced to a great extent.
  • Used good products-: the African American women should use good quality products like shampoos, soap, conditioners, hair oil, etc. so that their scalp is not damaged by any harmful chemical present in it. A strong scalp is the way for growing fast and strong hair.
  • Deep conditioning-: it is good to visit a parlour once a week. The women can opt for a hair massage and deep conditioning which will not only clean their hair deeply but will condition them also. This is a must for those women or young girls who are working in offices, or some other places. Cleaning is a must to get long hair because the dust and pollution these days cause huge amount of damage to the scalp and hair.
  • Antidandruff shampoos-: if women have a lot of dandruff in their scalp then this is not a good sign for the hair. The reason is that dandruff hinders the growth of hair and makes the scalp weak. Using a good antidandruff shampoo regularly will help to remove it completely. If the dandruff still prevails then consult a doctor for a different antidandruff product.
  • Regular hair wash-: one of the most important hair growth tips is to wash your hair every alternate day. Those girls or women who are more exposed to dust and pollution must wash their hair daily. This keeps their hair and scalp clean thus removing any bacteria or infection present.
  • Eat nutritious food-: the most essential thing to get good, long and strong African American Hair is to eat good food. Avoid eating junk food as it is not good for hair. Eat food which has high percentage of vitamins and minerals. Consuming products having vitamin E will be the best for your hair.



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