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The Jobs of Models in Hair Modelling

The jobs of models in hair modelling are different with the jobs of models in fashion modelling. Models that are fashion models have jobs which are all related to clothes. In other words, they are the people who have job to promote certain designer clothes that they wear in a fashion show, magazine ads, and so on.

The job of hair models in hair modelling is totally different with fashion models’ job. The jobs are focusing on the beauty of hair. That is why the job orders which are offered to them are related to hair. It can be photo session which photo will be used in any hair products ads, beauty parlour ads, and so on. The thing which is the same between hair model and fashion model is that it is a profession which is suitable both for men and women.


Since hair modelling focus on the hair, there are some criteria that should be fulfilled by all hair models. One of the criteria is that they should have beautiful hair, no matter whether it is long or short. Beside the beauty of the hair, there is one other thing which is actually the most important criteria for any hair model. It is that they should have healthy hair besides its beauty.


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