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Useful Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

All girls must want to look pretty and this is definitely natural. However, as they grow, girls have some hormone changes that affect their beauty. While all the advertisements promote straight hair, for instance, many girls were born with naturally curly hair. This is of course followed by many other common shared beliefs about what is called beauty. Surely, not every girl has what is commonly called beauty. In order to be confident with you, here are some beauty tips for girls.


One of the beauty tips for girls is that everyone has their own uniqueness. There is no such thing as ugly looking even though you do not have straight hair. Boost your exotic beauty with whatever hair you have. What matters is that you have healthy one. The second one is never feel inferior with the color of your skin. Fair skinned girls are widely considered as beautiful. Says who? Advertisements. Again, healthy skin does not determine color.


The last of the beauty tips for girls is just being you. All teenagers grow and growth is followed by many body changes. You should not too worry about the hair that grows on your leg because it is natural. Pimples show that your hormones work well. Overly treated skin may even result in skin damage in early age, so live with it. Do not resist it.


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  • #1

    white spots on skin (Thursday, 20 October 2011 20:17)

    Make up can make girls beautiful. But in my case, I started to notice white spots on skin when I started using make up. What do you think I should do to get rid of these spots?

  • #2

    Richard (Friday, 11 November 2011 18:59)

    Hm, I’m just comfortable with this but still not entirely convinced, hence i’m going to research a touch more.